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Selling Your Song Lyrics
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Songwriting Opportunities
Helping Songwriters, Lyricists and Poets Succeed in Songwriting
.........By Louise Singleton
Publish Your Poetry and
Earn Writer's Royalties
How Your Songs and
Lyrics Earn Royalties
As you likely already know,
Royalties are how songwriters

lyric writers get paid. When
the songs and lyrics that you
write are    ...
continued >>.
.........By Catherine Davies
Getting Paid For Your Songs and Lyrics
Songwriting Royalties are How Songwriters Earn Money
Which Recording Artists Need New Songs?
It's always recommended that songwriters
and lyricists ask about their songwriting fees
and payment terms, including your advance,
when you sell your songs or
submit your
songs & lyrics to Recording Artists, Record
Music Producers, and Managers.

For example, if one of  
your songs or lyrics
is accepted by a recording artist or a record
company, but there are co-writers involved,
what will your share of the royalties be, and
what will your advance be?  ...
continued  >>
As a songwriter or lyricist, it's important to
make sure that you are getting paid properly
for the songs & lyrics that you write and sell.  
Since there are so many different ways that
you can
earn money writing songs and lyrics,
such as
songwriting royalties, advances,
song-selling payments and co-writer fees,   
I wanted to review each of them to make
sure that, as the
songwriter or lyricist, you
are getting paid properly when you
Sell Your
Songs and Lyrics.
Knowing which Recording Artists
need new songs and lyrics can be
all that separates the
who write songs as a hobby ... and
those who write money-making hit
songs.  Many hit
songwriters and
their managers tell us this is the
most important thing to find out
before sending out your songs and
lyrics.  The good news is that there
are a lot of
Recording Artists who
don't write their own songs or lyrics
and rely on talented
lyric-writers to supply them
with new,  original songs material to
record.  Many top managers and
agents for
songwriters have said  
that knowing
which Recording
Artists are looking for new songs
and lyrics  is what helped a lot of hit
get their start in the
music industry and ...
continued  >>
Send Your Songs & Lyrics to Recording Stars that Don't Write Songs
Monthly Song Contests
and Lyric-Writing
Contest Listings
How to Get
Your Songs
to Recording Artists
by Marianne Harper
This Week's Songwriting Reports,  Music Industry Updates and Songwriter News
Tip Sheets and Current Recording
Opportunities for Singers and
Vocalists ...   
continued here >>
How to Co-Write Songs
and Earn Royalties
Co-writing songs is a great way for
lyricists to team up with music
writers and   ...
continued here >>
Getting Your First Job as
a Lyricist or Songwriter
Tips on finding a job as a lyricist
or songwriter, plus weekly song-
writer job postings.   
continued >>
How to Earn Money
Writing Greeting Cards
Writing greeting cards can be a
great way for songwriters & lyricists  
to earn money    ...  
continued  >>
Tips on How to Become
a Hit Recording Artist
How to Get a Full-Time Job as
a Songwriter or Lyric-Writer
The constantly-expanding digital growth of the
music industry, as well as the hugely-successful
revenue streams brought in by digital downloads,
have created many
songwriting jobs and a bigger
role in the industry for
songwriters & lyricists.  
Some record companies will now hire
lyricists to write ... continued >>
With so many Poetry Digests and Poetry Journals
available, there has probably never been a better
time for
poets and writers to get published.  If
you'd like to earn writer's royalties from your poems,
here are some of the top-paying publishers who will
publish your poetry
:          continued >>
As you know, a lot of
recording artists
write their own songs
or lyrics, and rely on
songwriters and
like you for
new, original songs.  
The challenge for
and lyricists
is how
to get your songs
and lyrics to
recording artists who
can turn them into hit
songs - and royalties
for you.  Well, the
good news is that it's
not as difficult as you
might think.  As a
songwriter or lyricist,
your first step is to   ...

continued >>
1. Performance Royalties are earned
when a song is played/performed in
public, such as radio, TV, or in a

2. Mechanical Royalties are earned
when a recorded version of a song
is sold in any form,such as CD.

3. Printed Edition Royalties are
earned when a printed version of a
song is sold, such as sheet music.

4. Foreign Royalties are earned
when music publishers collect rights
fees for songs played overseas.
Here are 4  Ways
that Songs and Lyrics
Can Earn Royalties: