...  to know that you have a dedicated team of experienced music-industry professionals, working to
place your original songs
& lyrics with top Recording Artists and Record Companies.

Today especially, now that so many Recording Artists
don't write their own songs, the music-industry
relies on songwriters and lyric-writers like you for a constant supply of original songs
& lyrics.

Our role in the music industry is to find the
right songs and lyrics for the right recording artists.  In fact,  
songwriting success often depends on getting the right song ... to the right artist ... at the right time.

And with the busiest recording season quickly approaching,
this is the time for us to get your original
& lyrics to the recording artists who can turn them into royalty-earning hit songs for you.

My contacts in the music industry trust me to sort out the real talent from the rest, and to present them
with quality song material that fits their style.  They know I won't waste their time, and they know that if I
present them with a song or lyric - it's got hit potential.

If you're ready to start earning money as a songwriter, everything starts with a professional evaluation
of one of your original songs or lyrics.  We'll evaluate the hit-potential of your song or lyric, based on
the specific styles and current needs of top recording artists.  

If your song is marketable, I'll tell you.  If it's not, I'll tell you that, too.   But I'll tell you what it needs to
become marketable, and I'll tell you which recording artists or record companies I'd like to send it to.  

I'm not looking for masterpieces.   Just good, unique, original songs and lyrics that I can market to the
music industry and hopefully, place with a top recording artist or record company.

Most songwriters learn that it's smarter to pay a small fee for real help that's available to you now, than
it is to keep submitting your songs blindly, and getting nowhere.  A professional song evaluation and
assessment costs only $39, and can be the
smartest career move you'll ever make as a songwriter.

There are no other fees involved, as I work on the standard 5% of royalties commission for any
song or lyric that I place for you that earns royalties.

Give your songwriting career the boost it deserves.  Click the "
Buy-Now" button below to book your
professional song-evaluation today.  You can submit any style of song or lyric for evaluation, and can
upload song-lyrics or an mp3 music file (or both).  

Once I review your song or lyric, I can determine
which artists to send it to, based on specific
styles and current needs of recording artists.

So book your professional song-evaluation today,
and let's work together to turn your songs
& lyrics
into royalty-earning hit songs.  

You'll be glad you did!

Caroline Collins
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