Get Paid to Write
and Lyrics
Royalties, Advances and Songwriter Payments
As a songwriter, it's important to make
sure you get paid properly for the songs &
lyrics you write.  There are many different
ways to earn money writing songs and
lyrics, such as
songwriting royalties,
advances, and co-writer payment splits.
For example, if your song is accepted by a
recording artist, what will your share of the
royalties be?   Here are the 4 ways that
songwriters earn royalties:..
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Which Recording Artists Need Songs?
Knowing which Recording Artists need new songs and lyrics
can be all that separates the
songwriters who write songs
and lyrics as a hobby, and those who write money-making hit
songs.  Many hit
songwriters tell us this is the most important
thing to find out before sending out your songs and lyrics.  The
good news is that there are a lot of top  
Recording Artists  who
don't write their own songs & lyrics and rely on talented song
writers and lyric-writers to supply them with new,  original
song material to record.  Many
managers for songwriters have
said  that knowing which Recording Artists are looking for new
songs and lyrics  is what helped a lot of hit
songwriters and
lyric-writers get their start in the music industry and . . .
Send Your Songs & Lyrics to Artists that Don't Write Songs
Helping Songwriters & Lyricists Succeed in the Music Industry
This Month's Top Pop Songwriters
This Month's Top R&B Songwriters
This Month's Top Country Songwriters
There's good news for song-
writers and lyric writers
:  the
music industry is growing, and it's
creating more jobs than ever for
songwriters.  New revenue
streams brought in by digital
downloads, and the ever-

expanding growth of the music
industry, have created more

songwriting jobs
and a bigger
role in the music-industry for
songwriters and lyric-writers.  
In fact, getting a job as a song

writer today is ... continued >>>
Getting a Job
as a Songwriter