Helping Singers Get Started in the Music Industry
By Louise Singleton
Get Paid to Be a Backup Singer
for Recording Sessions
People often forget that many top
Recording Artists, such as
actually got their start in the
music industry as
back-up singers.

Not surprisingly, that's how a lot of
recording artists get started in
the music business.  After all, it's a
lot easier to find
singing work as a
back-up vocalist than to become
the lead singer of a top band.  

An added bonus is that, as a
singer, you get the
opportunity to show others in the
industry how well you sing.  But the
best part of being a
back-up singer
might be that it's a paying job, and
you get to
earn money doing
something you enjoy.
To become a successful back-up
singer, the first step, not surprisingly, is
that you really do have to
be a good
.  Many times, a lead singer
vocals, and being able to sing in perfect
pitch, and understanding harmonies will
also help you immensely.

It's a good idea to put together a demo
of you singing a few songs in different
styles, to showcase your range and your
vocal flexability.  Once you get your first
gig as a back-up
singer, the door will be
open for you to "wow" those around you
... and start your career as a vocalist in
the music industry.
Of course, the goal of most back-up
singers is to
become a recording
 If that's your goal too, we'd be
happy to send you
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Recording Artist,
absolutely FREE.
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