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Getting a Job as a Back-up
Singer or Studio Vocalist

Most people probably don't remember,
but one of the top Recording Artists of
Mariah Carey, got her start in
music as a
back-up singer.

Not surprisingly, that's how a lot of top
recording artists get started in the
music business.  After all, it's easier to
singing work as a new back-up
than to become a top artist.  

An added bonus is that, as a back-up
singer, you get the opportunity to show
others in the industry how well you
sing.  But the best part of being a
back-up singer might be that it's a
well-paying job, and you get to earn
doing something you enjoy,
while furthering your career.

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Creating Your  
Singer's Resume
for Singing Jobs

A resume for a singer is
really not all that different
than a resume would be
for any other job. You
simply need tell about
singing experience
and what qualifies you
for the particular job you
are applying for.

Be sure to list or to briefly
mention all of your
singing-related jobs,  
projects you've worked
on, or assignments that
you've accepted, and feel
free to enclose or attach
a vocal demo or sample
of your singing, such as
an mp3 file or even a CD.

It's always a good idea to
state what type of
singing work you are
looking for and most
skilled at.  Include any
singing workshops you
have  attended, as well
as all relevant singing
experience you have had.
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