Helping Singers Get Started in the Music Industry
By Louise Singleton
If you're a singer and would like to
become a voiceover artist, we'll
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How to Become a
Voiceover Artist,
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How to Become a
Voiceover Artist
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Get Paid to Do Voiceover Work for TV & Movies
The purpose of your voiceover demo is
to showcase your
vocal talent and the
range of voices you're capable of.

Your next step is to do some research
about who's currently hiring
, and for what projects.  This can be
as simple as performing a quick internet
search for "current  
voiceover jobs".  
Then, it's just  combining both of those
steps, and sending your voiceover demo
to the agencies that are currently looking
for new vocal talent for
voiceover work.

The best way for beginners to get  
over work
is to put together a demo of
your voice talents, and send it out to
agencies and
voiceover postings.
Recording the voices for animated
or cartoon characters on TV
programs and in movies can be one
of the most fun jobs in the
entertainment industry.  This is
known as
voiceover work, and if you
have a good voice, you could be
well-suited to making money doing
voiceover work.  Part of the skill-set
needed to get
 voiceover jobs
include having a good or unique
voice, a good imagination, and the
ability to do many different types of
interesting voices.

Your first step is to put together your
demo that showcases your vocal
talent.  This can be
singing, voice
work (cartoon character voices, for
example) or speaking. But it has to
show your vocal range and your
vocal talents.
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