Helping Songwriters & Lyricists Succeed in the Music Industry
By Louise Singleton
Finding the right Manager to guide
songwriting career can be a
very important step on the way to
becoming a successful
songwriter or lyric-writer in
today's highly competitive music
industry.  After all, a manager can
open doors for you in the music
industry and can pitch your songs
and lyrics for you, as they act as
the liason between you and the
record companies, producers and
recording artists.  

Top music-industry managers tell
us:  '
Finding the right manager to
guide your
songwriting career can
be challenging, because there are
many types of
songwriters, and
each might require a different type
of manager".  
As an example,
songwriters who are also poets and
authors might benefit from  having a
literary agent.

Songwriters who are also singers and
performers might benefit more from
having a booking agent to find them
paying gigs, instead of managing their
careers.  Talent agents are a more
general type of management, who
would manage all types of talent,
including actors and dancers.

A common choice for
songwriters and
lyric-writers is a business manager,  
who can look after all the business
aspects of your
songwriting or music
career, such as contracts, publishing
rights, copyrights and of course,

That's why finding the right  manager or
agent is often one of the first key steps to
embarking on a successful
career, and well worth the time and effort
it takes to find the right one.

Songwriter's Manager and Agent
is available here, and can
help you narrow the search and find the
right Manager or Agent to manage your
songwriting career and look after the
sale of your songs.
Find the Right Manager to Guide Your Songwriting Career