Helping Songwriters & Lyricists Succeed in the Music Industry
It's important to remember that there
can be a big difference between a
good song ... and a song that sells.  
songwriters and lyricists have
written great songs that simply didn't
sell.   And there have been songs that
sold millions of copies, but were
never considered to be that good.  A
lot of those songs became hits
because they caught on and got the
exposure, promotion and airplay they
Writing songs that sell, or
that will become hit songs, involves
knowing and understanding the
songwriting market that you think will
buy your song.  As a songwriter, doing
some research, such as studying the
itunes and  Billboard charts to see what
types of songs are charting in the market
you're trying to write for, can really help
songwriting career, and improve
your chances of
Selling Your Songs and

For example, if you
write country songs,
it would help to know which country
songs are charting and which country
artists are currently topping the charts.  
That will give you a clear picture of what
type of songs might catch on in country
music today.  You can then send your
songs and lyrics to recording artists
that don't write all or most of their
own material.  Then, its time to
start pitching your songs, and
getting them to the artists who can
turn them into hit songs.

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