How to Enter and Win Songwriting and Lyric-Writing Contests
By Louise Singleton
Songwriting and lyric-writing
have always provided
songwriters and lyricists with a
great way to earn good money,
get discovered, and get their
start in the music business.  
songwriting contests are
judged by record company
executives and talent agents,
and winners often earn cash,
prizes and a
.  Even songwriters
who don't win still have the
opportunity to impress the  
judges with their
which could help lead to getting
discovered.  Talent agents know
songwriting and lyric
contests are a great place to
discover talented new
Jane Everson, Senior Editor of The
Annual Songwriting Contest Directory,
tells us that "
there are no  secrets to
winning songwriting or lyric contests.
The winning songs and lyrics are
generally the ones that the judges
think are the best, and the ones with
the most hit potential"

Depending on the
,  the "best" could mean the
song with the most hit potential, the
one with catchiest melody, or the
song with the best
lyrics.  Most
songwriting contests have a special
category for Best Lyric, as well as
best ballad, best country song, best
R&B song and many more.
Be sure to check out the details and
rules of current
song writing contests,
and look over the contest guidelines,
categories, prizes and other important
details for each contest you'd like to
enter.  Then, you can confidently  enter

your songs, poems
and lyrics in the
songwriting contests that you feel you
have the best chances of winning.

The annual
Songwriting and Lyric
Contest Directory
is available here,
and includes complete contest listings
and details of all the top
and lyric-writing contests
that are currently running.
Helping Songwriters & Lyricists Succeed in the Music Industry