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Copyright and Protect Your Songs and Lyrics
A copyright is exclusive legal
right that
writers, lyricists and
have over their
work. In the U.S.A., these rights
are set out under the Copyright
Protection Act.

To protect your original
poems and lyrics
, and to make
sure that all earned
royalties end up in your bank
songwriters, poets
and lyricists
register the
copyright for their original work
in the U.S. Copyright Office,  or
in the Copyright Office in the
country where you live.  This is
especially important when you
start sending out your songs
and lyrics, or if you're in any way
concerned about having your
songs and lyrics compromised in
any way.  Since most hit songs get
airplay in the U.S., registering your
songs  and lyrics in the U.S.
Copyright Office is always a good

If you would like want to start
songwriting royalties, and
you're ready to start sending out

your songs
and lyrics to recording
artists and record companies for
their review, it's a good idea to
protect your material by
copyrighting your
songs & lyrics
before they get too much exposure.
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By Marianne Harper