Find the Right Songwriter's Manager or Agent for You

If you're a songwriter or lyric-writer, you can get a manager to pitch your songs & lyrics to music producers, record companies, recording artists, and guide your songwriting career.

The right Manager or Agent can get your songs and lyrics to right recording artists, producers and record companies, oversee your songwriter contracts, and ensure your copyrights & royalty rights are in place, so you can collect songwriting royalties for your songs & lyrics.

The Songwriter's Manager and Agent Directory is updated Every Year and includes:

  1. Complete listings & contact addresses for over 250 Managers
  2. How to find the best Manager to guide your songwriting career
  3. How to contact Managers & Agents to evaluate their services
  4. Sample Songwriter-Management Contracts for you to review

Finding the right manager or agent can be the first important step you take on your way to becoming a successful songwriter or lyric-writer and earning money in the music-industry.

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