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........By Elizabeth Stapleton
out which  Poetry Book Publishers
are currently looking to publish
books of poetry.

Many small and medium sized
publishers put out a small number
of poetry books each year, and many
are written by a single author.  

Poets who are interested in having a
complete book or collection of their
poetry published should have a
minimum of 24 poems written.  

Some publishers will publish
large-size books for an entire
collection of poems, ranging from as
few as 40 or 50 poems to as many
as several hundred poems.
own book of poetry,  there has
probably never been a better time to
publish your book. Even in today's
economy, book stores and the
book impressively managed to stay
recession-proof.  Everything else
may be down, but book sales
remain up.  

Poets and writers have seen the
book publishing world undergo a
lot of changes recently, as online
booksellers like have
changed the way that books are
published and sold.  But this has
lead to more books
, and more books being
sold.  So if you've written enough
poems to
publish a book of your
poetry -
at least 24 poems, this is
probably the time to do it.

If you're ready to
publish your book
of poems,
your first step is to find
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