Helping Poets and Writers Get Published
How and Where to Sell
Your Original Poems
........By Marianne Harper
contact the publications and
request that they send you their
writer's guidelines.  You can do
the mail or e-mail.  When the
writers guidelines arrive, see
what type of
poetry they're buying
and how much they pay per
poem.  Check to see if the Poetry
Publishers will accept multiple
poets and writers to submit one
poem at a time.

When you
submit your poetry, be
sure to address your poems to
the proper contact person at the
magazine, such as the

Many of today's
Literary Agents
often recommend that
poets and
writers "put their best foot
forward" when submitting
material, which means
submitting one or two of your best
original poems, to give yourself
the best chance to
get your
poetry published
There are actually hundreds of
magazines, newspapers and
publications that buy
poetry, including
some of the highest circulated
magazines in the world, such as
New Yorker
, the Enquirer and
Reader's Digest
, amongst others.  
publish poetry that's deep and
thoughtful  while others publish
humorous poetry.  But the good news
poets and writers is that there are
currently many magazines &
publications that will buy your poems
publish your poetry.

If you'd like to
sell your poems and
get your poetry published, a great
way to start is to visit a library or
newsstand and go through the
magazines to get a good idea who the
Poetry Publishers are, and which
magazines publish

Once you've made a list of the
magazines, journals, digests and
publications that
publish poetry,
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