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........By Rachel Miller
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Although most Poetry Publishers will
have their own unique, individual
poetry publishing needs, here are
basic and industry-accepted poetry
publishing guidelines to help you  
publish your poetry:

1. Poetry about real life and issues
that people can relate to is generally
easier to
get published than deep,
philosophical poetry, unless you
intend to submit it to the scholarly
publications for consideration.  Of
course, there is a market for deeper,
introspective poetry, but its not as big
as the market for general poetry, and
therefore not as easy to
get published.

2. Poetry that deals directly with the
overall theme of the publication will
naturally have a greater appeal to the
readership, and therefore will be
sought after by the
Poetry Publishers,  
Publishing your poetry is a lot
easier to do when you have a good
idea as to what it is, specifically, that
Poetry Publishers are looking for.

There are so many magazines and
poetry journals on the market today
publish poetry, that it can be
challenging to know what each
individual poetry publisher is looking
for.  But
Poetry Publishers all share
one common need when it comes to
publishing poetry:  they all want
good, original poetry that will fit in
well with what their readership
enjoys.  And of course, the best way
to see what each magazine's
readers like to read is to look
through a few past issues.

And to make it easy for
and poets, most magazines
and poetry journals are happy to
send you their writer's guidelines, to
let you know what they're looking for,
and what they'd like to
which should help make it easier for
you to
get your poetry published.

3. Short poems are generally easier to
publish than long poems.  That's not
to say that
Poetry Publishers and
editors wouldn't necessarily
appreciate the greatness of a longer
poem, because they most likely
would.  It's just that they have limited
space to work with, so
poets and
freelance writers
are generally
advised to keep their poems to
somewhere between 12 and 24 lines,
and always to a maximum of one

4. This is probably the most important
point to remember for all poets and ...
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Be sure to Copyright and Protect your
Poetry before you send out or submit
your poems to poetry publishers.
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