Poetry Tip of the Week:
2 More Tips to Help You
Publish Your Poetry:

1. Be professional when you deal
with Poetry editors and publishers.

Keep in mind that most poetry editors
and publishers receive many poems
submitted to them every week, so they
appreciate when poets and freelance
writers take the time and attention to
be professional.  Remember to always
send neatly printed copies of your
poetry (never send the original), and
always enclose a cover letter to
introduce yourself to the publisher.

Use a Current and Up-to-Date         
Directory of Poetry Publishers.

The poetry publishing industry goes
through changes often. Editors get
promoted, and many change
publishers. So its important to use a
current directory of poetry publishers
when you submit your poetry.
Helping Poets and Writers Get Published
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What Poetry Publishers are Looking For
Like most poets and freelance
, I'm sure you'll find that it's
a lot easier to
publish your poetry
when you have a clearer
understanding of what type of
poems each of the
are looking for.  

So don't forget to read a few back
issues of any poetry journal, digest
or magazine you're planning on

submitting your poetry
to, and
always remember to send for the
free writer's guidelines from each
publication that you're interested in.
They're worth their weight in gold
when it comes to
publishing your
freelance writers when you submit
your poetry to
Poetry Publishers:  Make
sure that your poems are original and
unique in every way, if you want to
publish your poetry.  

submitted to them on a daily basis, and
they are constantly looking for poems
that stand out.  

What makes each poem stand out in
terms of originality and uniqueness is
naturally going to differ from writer to
writer, but if you write what you feel and
you write from your heart,
your poetry
should be unique enough to stand out
and get noticed by
publishers.  Don't
forget to proofread your poems before
submit your poetry, which includes
checking your spelling and being your
own editor, in a sense.
Be sure to Copyright and Protect your
Poetry before you send out or submit
your poems to poetry publishers.
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