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If you would like to write and publish
children's books
and stories, here is
a basic and proven
4-Step Plan to
Getting Published
that has worked
quite well over the years for many
authors and

1. Any writer who wants to write and
publish children's books
spend an hour in the kids or
children's book section of any book
store, just to familiarize yourself with
the type of
children's books that are
currently being published.  Make a
list of the publishers who publish the
type of
children's books that you
would like to write.  If it helps, you
could also get a directory of

2. Write a Book Proposal or Query
Letter about your idea for a book or
story that you want to
get published.
Writing children's books can be a very
rewarding and profitable hobby or career
for writers.  And while many
have watched the children's book
and retail market grow in recent years,
more and more
writers have begun to
get in on the action - and the profits - and
have started to
write and publish
children's books

Writing a children's book can be a little  
easier than writing a 400-page novel or
reference book.  It can take less time and
require less research, yet it can produce
the same if not more
publishing royalties,
and lead to other publishing offers. This
might help explain why more and more
have started writing children's
, and gotten in on the  growing
children's book market.
3. Send out your book proposals and
query letters to your selected list of
children's book and magazine
publishers. Make sure the letters are
addressed to the proper contact
person, such as the editor.  
should include an "About the Author"
section, to let the editor or publisher
know a bit about you, and don't forget
to mention in your book proposal or
query letter WHY you believe readers
will enjoy
your book
or story.

4. Follow up with the book publishers
if you haven't heard back from them in
6 weeks,  by calling or e-mailing them
with an update request or a status
........By Rachel Miller
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