.....    By Marianne Harper
How to Get Started as a Greeting Card Writer
That's why greeting card publishers
now have a billion-dollar industry, and
the demand for new greeting cards
continues to grow.
 Birthdays, anniver-
saries, and holidays never stop
coming, and the seemingly endless
demand for new cards keeps many
poets and writers busy in their spare
time and
keeps the payments rolling in.

If you're a
writer, lyricist or poet and
would like to
get paid to write greeting
, you've picked a great time to
start.  Today, most greeting card
publishers work with freelance
, and are happy to receive new
card ideas from talented
poets and  
who are new to  greeting card
writing but have fresh, new original
thoughts and card ideas.

Whether you're a
writer, a poet or a
lyricist,  the greeting card publishers
make it
easy for new writers to get
started writing greeting cards
- as each
publisher will be happy to send
you their
writer's guidelines.
We all give and get greeting cards, but
we sometimes forget that many
and poets
earn their living by writing the
heartfelt, funny and touching poems and
verses inside greeting cards.  The right
greeting card, whether it's a romantic
birthday card, a thoughtful get-well card,
or any type of card, can say just the right
thing at the right time.  Most of us can't
put into words what we truly feel, which is
why we give greeting cards so often - and
writers and poets who can put into
words what many of us feel
can earn a
lot of money by writing simple greeting
card verses

That's why
 writers and poets who can
write greeting cards are in big demand
by greeting card
publishers, and why
they are usually very well-paid. They
know how to say what most people feel.
Greeting card
writers can put into a few
simple words the sincere thoughts and
feelings that we all have, and can
brighten up someone's day instantly.
On the next page,  you'll find
everything you need to
start making
money writing greeting cards
including your Directory of Greeting
Card Publishers, step-by-step
directions on
how to submit your
card ideas
, how to write the 6 most
popular types of greeting cards,
Greeting Card Writer's Money-
Making Handbook
, and more.  

We've taken a look at all of the top
greeting card
publishers guidelines,
and on the
next page, you can
access everything you need to turn
your poetry and writing talent into a
spare-time or full-time income
writing greeting cards.

If you're ready to start writing greeting
cards and become a
click here to go to the next
page and get started as a greeting
card writer!
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