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Your #1 Source For Writing Jobs and Publishing Opportunities
.........By Catherine Davies
How to Get Weekly
Getting regular, weekly writing
jobs is the key to earning money
as a writer.  In fact, many writers
and poets today   ...
Writing Jobs
How to Publish
Your Book
If you're ready to write
your book and get it
published, then your
first step is to write a
simple, 1-or-2-page
Book Proposal that
describes the book that
you would like to write.
And yes, this applies to
writing a children's
book, too ,,,continued>>
The Writer's 3-Step Plan to Getting
Published and Getting Paid
STEP 2  :  Most writers find it essential to get
a current
Directory of Book and Magazine
Publishers. This will ensure you send each
publisher what they're looking for, and get
your work into the hands of the right editors.

TEP 3  :  Your third step is to write a short  
Query Letter or Book Proposal that
describes the story, article or book you plan
to write.  Your query letter or book proposal
should tell the editor (or publisher) what you
plan to write about, how long it will be, and
why readers will like it.  Tell the editor a bit
about yourself, and include a sample of
your writing.  A good Query Letter or Book
Proposal is often the key to getting your first
story, article or book
published, and ...
The publishing industry has gone through many
changes lately, and most of them have made it
easier for
writers to get published.  The economy
has forced many
publishers to cut back on their
writing staffs, which has created thousand of new
opportunities for
writers to get published. Now,
Publishers and editors have come to rely on
freelance writers, so if you're ready to Earn Money
as a Writer, here's how to get  started as a writer,
get published
and get paid:

STEP 1  :  If you're ready to get published, your first
step is to decide whether you would like to
for Magazines or Publish a Book.  To help you
decide, visit a bookstore and browse through the
type of books you'd like to write, and magazines
you'd like to write for. Then, you can determine
which publishers you'd like to write for.
How to
Get Started
Writing for
Writing contests can provide
writers and poets with a great way
to earn extra money...
Write for Magazines and
Become a Published Writer
A good literary agency can do
more for you than get your writing
published.  ...   
continued here >
If you'd like to write short stories
and articles that get published in
magazines, your 1st step
Creative Writers Needed
to Write Jingles & Slogans
Writing is a talent that goes beyond
writing books or stories.  Creative
agencies have always...
Enter Your Short Stories &
Poems in Writing Contests
How to
With so many poetry
journals, books,
anthologies, digests
and magazines
currently being
published,  there has
probably never been a
better time for
writers to
Publish Your Poetry.  
And aside from the
reward of getting

, writers and
poets can earn
royalties and writers
payments for each
poem you publish.
If you write poetry and
are ready to
get your
poetry published,
here are a few tips
from the pros to   ...
... continued >>
by Linda
Write and Publish Children's Books
and Become a Published Writer
Writing children's books requires a very special talent.  After
all, you have to be able to appeal to young readers with big
imaginations and short attention spans. Your vocabulary has
to be in tune with the age of your readers, and your sense of
imagination must be in full swing. But if you can write books or
stories that appeal to young readers, then you can
... continued
How to Earn Money Writing
Greeting Cards from Home
Writing greeting cards can be a fun and easy way for writers
and poets
to make money writing. In fact, many freelance
earn money writing the poems and verses that end up
published inside greeting cards.  After all, people will always
celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and special
occasions by giving a greeting card, and writers  
 ... continued
Get a Literary Agent to
Sell Your Writing for You
How to Publish a
If you've written enough poems
to publish your own book of
poetry,  there has probably never
been a better time to publish a
book of your original poetry.  
After all  
. ... continued >> ...
Book of Your Poems
for Writers