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With so many wonderful poetry
books and award-winning

poetry digests
that are currently
available, there has probably
never been a better time for

and writers to get

Poetry has always been a
popular form of writing. It’s
taught in school, it's helped
create a thriving
greeting card
, and even influenced
pop music.  And there's a lot of
great new
poetry that's being
published today.  

If you'd like to
publish your
, here are a few tips from
the pros that should help get
you started, and
get published:
"If you want to write poetry" says
poet Anne Beauchamps, "then
.  The more you read, the
better you’ll write. You'll learn what's
being published and who's
publishing it.  If you want to
your poetry
, read the poems that
are being published".

get published, you have to write
unique, original poetry, and
hopefully, find your niche as a
writer.  If you want to earn writer's
royalties and
get your poetry
, your poems should
stand out and be unique to attract a
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By Linda Scott-Reynolds