Everything we do, from recording your songs & lyrics in our studios to promoting our songwriters throughout the music
industry, is to help
you succeed as a songwriter or recording artist ... and to help us succeed as a record company.

But what really sets us apart from so many other record companies in the music industry today
is that  
WE NEVER CHARGE A FEE TO SONGWRITERS whose songs we accept.   If we review your
song or lyric and determine that it has the potential to become a hit  ...  we would prepare our offer
for you, which would include us covering all costs to record, produce and promote your song.

The reason that
we would pay all costs is simple:  We work on a 10% commission of royalties earned
from the CD sales and MP3 download sales.  So if we feel your song or lyric has hit potential, we would
invest in you and your songwriting talent.

In fact, we feel that if your
songwriting talent can produce hit songs for our record company, then it`s a win-win situation for
both of us, as we both succeed:  you can earn money as a
songwriter, and we would earn a 10% commission of royalties.

If you feel that you have the talent to write songs and
/or lyrics with hit potential, then we invite you to submit one (1) of your
original songs or lyrics for our professional assessment and evaluation.

We are interested in hearing from talented
songwriters and lyricists who write Pop, R&B, Country, Rock, Hip-Hop, or
/Christian, as well as from singers and vocalists in all genres.

...    .Please click here to Submit Your Song or Lyric for Assessment and Evaluation  
As a Record Company, our focus at London Sky Records is on developing new talent and working
with new
songwriters, lyricists and singers.  And we feel that our attention to developing new talent
is what makes us uniquely different from so many other record companies today.

Music is always evolving.  New trends, new artists and new
songwriters are continually emerging.
Our goal is to work with and develop talented new
recording artists and songwriters, and help you
realize your full potential and talent ... and succeed in the music industry.
Do you have the talent to write songs or lyrics with hit potential?
Victoria Elsworth, V.P.
London Sky Records