Helping Singers Get Started in the Music Industry
By Louise Singleton
demo of your vocal and singing  
.  It doesn't have to be
expensive, but it should showcase
your singing talent.  

You can record your vocal demo at
home, and e-mail your digital audio
file to the record companies when it is
ready. It's also a good idea to send a
cover letter and a promo package, so
that record companies get to see you
as a recording artist, not just a voice.

Your promo package can include a
brief bio about you, some pictures,
video clips or relevant photos,  and
even some reviews if you have them.
The good news for aspiring
singers and  vocalists is that most
Record Companies today are
almost always on the lookout for
talented new
recording artists with
a unique new sound.  

In fact, the record industry thrives on
new talent, and if you have talent as
singer, this is a great time to
become a recording artist.  There
are more record companies out
there today than ever, and each
record company wants to have the
next "hit" each time they release a
new single or album from one of
recording artists.  

If you're looking to sign with a
record company
as a recording
, you'll need to put together a
If you'd like to become a recording
artist, we'll be happy to send you  
How to Become a Recording Artist:
How to Become a
Recording Artist
How to Become a Hit Recording Artist
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