Turn Your Songwriting Talent into Cash and Royalties

In the music industry, songwriting royalties are how songwriters, composers and lyric writers get paid for the songs and lyrics they write. So, exactly how do songs and lyrics earn royalties?

When songs are sold, streamed, watched online or on TV, downloaded or played in public, the Rights Organizations collect licensing fees from the sites and/or retailers that sold or streamed the song, and radio stations, sites & public venues where the song was played or performed.

The Rights organizations then pay a licensing fee to the rights owner of the song (usually a music publisher or record company), who then pay the songwriters and lyricists. Songwriters and lyric-writers can collect songwriting royalties for many years, from just one hit song.

1. Performance Royalties

Performance royalties for a song are earned when a song is played or performed in public, such as online streaming, on radio, on TV, in a concert, or any public performance of the song.

2. Mechanical Royalties

The mechanical royalties are earned when a recorded version of a song is sold in any form, including streaming, downloads, digital copies and a percentage of site subscriptions.

3. Printed Edition Royalties

The Printed edition royalties are earned for songwriters when a printed version of a song is sold, such as sheet music, a songbook, or any type of printed anthology.

4. Foreign Royalties

Foreign royalties are earned when music publishers or rights holders collect rights fees for songs played or performed overseas in international markets.


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