Getting Paid For Your Songs and Lyrics:  
3 Ways to Earn Songwriter Royalties, Advances and Other Payments
Rights Organizations collect
licensing fees from retailers
who sold the song, and from the
radio stations and venues
where music was played or
performed. Those rights fees
are paid to the music publishers
who own the publishing rights to
the songs, who then pay the
songwriters and lyricists.   

3. Other Songwriting Payments

In some cases, an independent
record company might offer a
songwriter a percentage of the
song's eventual earnings.   But
songwriting royalties are still
the #1 way
songwriters &
earn money writing
songs & lyrics.
With many different payment
scenarios that are possible today
songwriters and lyricists, it
really makes a lot of sense to
discuss and agree upon your
payment terms up-front, in all of
your songwriting projects and
discussions, whether you're
working with Record Companies,
Recording Artists, Music Producers,

gents and Managers or Music

After all, they're your songs and
lyrics, and if you're smart, they can
be like money in the bank for you!
If you're a songwriter or lyricist and
would like to
submit your songs and
lyrics to Recording Artists, click here.
Helping Songwriters & Lyricists Succeed in the Music Industry