By Suzanne Foster
Helping Songwriters & Lyricists Succeed in the Music Industry
Record Companies Hiring Songwriters & Lyricists
to Write Songs for their Recording Artists
The digital growth of the music
industry, and the hugely-successful
revenue streams brought in by digital
downloads, have created more

songwriting jobs
and a bigger role in
the music industry for
lyric-writers to write new hit
songs and lyrics for today`s top
recording artists.

Many record companies, music
publishers, artist management
companies and music production
companies will, on occasion, hire

and lyric-writers  to
write and create - or sometimes
co-write - new, original
songs and
for their Recording Artists to
perform and record, and for their
producers to work with and create
hits for the label`s recording artists.
Writing songs and lyrics for recording
artists can provide an exciting and very
profitable opportunity for
and lyricists
to get their start in the
music industry, and to
earn royalties
with some of the songs and lyrics that
you've written.

And the timing couldn't be better.  
Songwriter Job Postings
feature a record number of jobs and
opportunities for
songwriters and
lyricists, covering a wide variety of
songwriting jobs both regionally and
nationally, open to both new and
songwriters in countries
all around the world.
Remember to check the Songwriter
Job Postings regularly,  as new
songwriting jobs are posted all the
time, but they often go quickly.

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