Helping Songwriters & Lyricists Succeed in the Music Industry
By Louise Singleton
How to Become a Hit Songwriter or Lyric-Writer
You could write and record your own
songs, or get
your songs and lyrics
recorded by
Recording Artists.  Your first
step to becoming a hit
song writer is to
decide which path makes the most
sense for you.  Ask yourself:  are you a
singer- songwriter who enjoys
performing? Or do you prefer to
that recording artists record
them?  Either way, as the
songwriter, you
would earn the
songwriting royalties

Once you've decided which
career path to take,  it's time to see if your
songs and lyrics can earn money in the
music industry.  A great place for
songwriters and lyric writers to start is
The Songwriter's Success Kit,
which provides you with 16 proven,
step-by-step ways to earn money in
songwriting. The Kit has Copyright
Forms, Royalties Application, song-
writer contracts, record company
directory and songwriting contest
listings.  Check out
Songwriter's Success Kit  here.

Another essential for songwriting
success is the
Song Marketing Kit,
which includes the
Artist Address Directory
, featuring
contact information for 250 top
Recording Artists.  To see this
Song Marketing Kit, click here
As a songwriter or lyricist, you have
the enviable opportunity to earn your
living doing what you enjoy.  
is a very rewarding career, but
not everyone has the talent to
& lyrics. In fact, most people
.  If you are one of the few who
have the talent to
write songs and
,  then you may be just a few
steps away from an exciting career as
songwriter or lyricist.   

But where to start? There are two key
paths to
becoming a hit songwriter.