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Enter Poetry Contests to Win Cash and Get Published
By Linda Scott-Reynolds
Poetry contests give poets & writers
the opportunity to turn their writing
talent into cash and prizes and get  
published. Some grand prizes can be
thousands of dollars, and contests
can also provide great exposure for
poets, and the opportunity to
get your
poetry published.

Poetry contests are often judged by
published poets, editors and literary
publishers who can open doors for
you that may not have otherwise been
opened.  After all, any
poetry contest
that is judged by a panel of
literary editors, agents or publishers
can help bring you closer to
your poetry published.

In order to help poets and writers
narrow down the list of the best
to enter, our annual Poetry
Contest Review
 recommends some of
today's best poetry contests, based on
the prizes and the entry fees.

Poetry Contest Review will be
availableevery January, with a link
posted here until summer, and
includes contest listings, each contest's
deadline, entry fee and of course,  prize
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