By Catherine Davies
Helping Songwriters & Lyricists Succeed in the Music Industry
How to Get Your Songs and Lyrics
Recorded by Today's Top Recording Artists
Knowing which recording artists
need new songs and lyrics can be
all that separates
who write songs as a hobby, and
those who write money-making hit
songs.  Many hit
song writers and
agents tell us that
this is the most
important thing to find out before
sending out your songs & lyrics
The good news is that there are a
lot of top
recording artists who
don't write their own songs, and
rely on
songwriters and lyricists to
supply them with new, original
songs and lyrics to record.  Many
songwriters tell us
that knowing
which recording
artists are looking for new songs
and lyrics  is what helped them
become a hit
songwriter and what
lead to their
songwriting success.
Before you send out your songs, it's
important to know
which recording
don't write their own songs ...
and how to get your songs to them.

Top Recording Artists like Rihanna ...
Carrie Underwood
... Justin Bieber ...
and Ariana Grande  ALL need song-
to provide them with new,
original song material, since they
don’t write most of their own songs.

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How to Get Your
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Recorded by Today's
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