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Perhaps the best news for
songwriters and lyric-writers
today is that more and more
recording artists today
write their own songs.
Even some of today's top
recording artists, such as
... Rihanna ... Carrie
, don't write most of
their own material.

The growing number of top
recording artists and music
producers looking for new,
original hit song material has
certainly opened the door to
create more
songwriting jobs
lyric-writing jobs in the
music industry - perhaps even
more than ever before.
Since music-marketing began,  the
image of  
Recording Artists has
been more important than who
wrote the song, and this has created
a bigger role for
songwriters.  Many
record companies and producers
will at times employ
and lyric-writers
(lyricists) to write
and create original songs for their
Recording Artists.  

In fact, with new Songwriter Job
posted on this site
 getting a job as a song-
writer today
can be as easy as
... and get hired!
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