Get Your Books, Stories
and Articles Published
Winning Book Proposals & Query Letters for Every
that You Can Use to Help You Get Your
Books, Stories, Poems and Articles Published!
Do you have an idea for a book, story or article?
Your next step is to put your idea into a book
proposal or query letter, and send it off to book
publishers and magazine editors.
The Freelance Writer's Collection of Winning
Book Proposals & Query Letters
 guides you
step-by-step from writing book proposals &
query letters to sending them to publishers
and editors.  This edition includes
a new
selection of winning book proposals and
query letters that you can use
Send a Winning Book Proposal or
a Query Letter and Get Published!
Book proposals & query letters are how you tell
a publisher what you'd like to write about, in
order to get their commitment to publish.
It's how book publishers assess ideas for new
books, and how magazine editors assess
ideas for articles and stories.  Based on your
query letter or book proposal, the publisher can
give the "go- ahead" for you to write your book,
story or article. Some publishers even give
writers an
advance payment!
New Edition
Written and Compiled by
Audrey Lake and Veronica Miller
Freelance Writer's
of Proven
Book Proposals
& Query Letters
Book Proposals You Can Use
to Get Your Books, Stories,
Poetry and Articles Published
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