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If you're a writer, author or poet
and would like to write and publish
magazine articles, poetry, books or
stories, your first step is to check
out the
Current Writing Jobs
here.  Then, you can
determine which publishers you're
best-suited to write for.  

Once you've browsed the
writing jobs and selected a few
publishers or magazines that you
feel you could write for,  your next
step is to click on the
writers job
postings you have selected, and
respond to the editor or publisher
via their website or e-mail. They
may ask you to send them a
sample of your writing, or you may
get hired for the writing job right
away. Either way, you're on your way
becoming a published writer.

Now, be sure to check out the
Current Writing Job Postings >>
The Magazine publishing world
has gone through a lot of big
changes in the past few years,
and most of them have made it
considerably easier for
writers to
get published.  And with over 30  
New Writing Jobs
just posted
here,  writers continue to find
opportunities to
get published.

Many magazine publishers have
had to cut-back on their writing
staffs, which means that almost
all publications and magazines
have opened their doors to new

all over the world.

This has made it possible for
freelance writers to
get published
in magazines of all types, and
made it a lot easier for
everywhere to start getting paid for
their writing.
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How to Get Started
Writing for Magazines
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If you've written enough poems
to publish your own book of
poetry,  there has probably never
been a better time to publish a
book of your original poetry.  
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