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With so many poetry journals,
books, anthologies, digests and
magazines currently being
published,  there has probably
never been a better time for
writers to publish your
.  And aside from the reward
of being
published, writers and
poets can earn royalties and
writers payments for each poem
you publish.

If you write poetry and are ready to
get your poetry published, here
are a few tips from the pros to help
get you started:

1. Read all the Poetry You Can.
The more poetry you read, the
better you’ll write. You'll see
published and who's
publishing it.  It may sound
obvious, but if you want to
publish your poetry, try to read
a lot of poetry.

2. Find Your Niche as a Poet

There's a lot of great, new
poetry being published today.  
Many poetry books, journals
and anthologies are published
each month. To
get your
poetry published
, try to find
your niche as a writer, so your
poems will be unique.
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