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Your Guide to Getting Your Book,
Novel or
Children's Book Published
opportunities in the industry for
writers like you to publish
your book
.  It doesn't even
seem to matter what type of
book you write, as all genres of
books are selling in record
numbers these days, including
children's books, romance
mysteries, fiction, biographies,
non-fiction and

If you're ready to
write and
publish your book
, your first
is to write a brief Book
Proposal that describes the
book that you'd like to write.
And yes, this applies to
and publishing a children's
, as well.  Your book
proposal should tell the
publisher about the book,
starting with the title, and
provide an overview of what it's
about.  Include how many
your published book
will be, who you feel will read
it,and be sure to provide a brief
Author's Background that tells
the publisher about you, such
as why you're writing the book.
If you have an idea for a book or
novel, even a
children's book,
there has probably never been
a better time to
publish your
. Even in today's economy,
book stores and the book
publishing industry have
impressively managed to stay
hot.  Everything else may be
down, but book sales remain

Writers have seen the
publishing world undergo a lot
of changes, as online
booksellers like
have literally changed the way
that books are
published and
sold.  But this has also lead to
more books
getting published,
and more books being sold, so
if you're a
writer and want to
publish your book, this is very
good news.  In fact, its these
very changes in the
industry that have helped
create so many more
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Once your book proposal is
your second step is to
write a chapter list for your
book, even if you're trying to
publish a children's book.  
You can then include the
chapter list and a sample
chapter or two when you
submit your book proposal.

third step, of course, is to
send your book proposal to
book publishers.

So whether you want to
and publish children's books
romance novels, non-fiction or

publish your poetry,  
this is a
great time to
become a
published writer
.  Publishers
need to constantly release new
books, and if you've got an idea
for a book, this is a great time
for you to
get published.  
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